Sailor Moon Icons

I can't believe it's been more than 2 years since I last posted icons! Wow. Real life sure gets in the way.

Anyway, I return with a batch of Sailor Moon icons. I hope you like them. :)

♥ Comments and credit are not REQUIRED, but appreciated. :)
♥ All templates from Mint Tea Graphics
♥ Screen caps by me




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More Queen icons

[015 Brian May]
[002 Brian/Deacy]
[014 Freddie/Brian]
[010 Deacy]
[102 Freddie]
[019 Freddie/Others]
[010 Freddie/Deacy]
[017 Freddie/Roger]
[004 Threesomes]
[023 Group]
[031 Roger]
[006 Roger/Brian]

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Even though I love Roger to bits and pieces, and have a thing for Brian, and like Deacy, I just can't stay away from Freddie!
I am far too tired to number all of these. I mean, it is 3:34am. :P
Anyway. I hope you like them. Please credit iconaries if you use it. Feel free to customize. But please do credit, dears. It took a lot of effort to make/post these. :)
If you have any requests for text on any of them, just let me know.
Oh, and I'm fairly certain I got all of these images from daily_queen, with a few here and there from various Google searches...

Now off to the bases...♥

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